City Press Knives Ltd
101 Weymouth Street, Leicester, England, UK
LE4 6FR (view map)

Customer Base

An extensive UK customer base has been established largely through personal recommendation. This reputation has now resulted in work from overseas companies as well. We manufacture and refurbish solid steel press knives for use with a wide range of customer materials.

Quality Assured

Continuous improvements of all processes and products are essential in order that customers are attached, our costs of production are minimised, the business remains competitive, profitable and grows. Specific product and process objectives are established and developed from time to time.

We will continually improve our processes, products and services so that we meet customer needs and are better than our competition and place Quality and Safety first in everything we do.

Quality is defined by the customer; the customers wants a product that meets his
needs and expectations at a cost that represents value. We shall ensure that all manufactured or refurbished press knives fully meet the agreed
requirements of customers at all times.